pretty,cheerleader type,friendly,loves animals and children,ocassionally known to flash her nipples
guy 1: i really like that savannah she is so pretty and nice

guy 2: i like her too because she flashed her tits on accident once

guy 1: niceeeeeee
by highonlyfe August 15, 2011
A slutty fake ass hoe who dates all guys who are never in her age group. She is an attention whore and always talks shit about everyone.
Dude that girl is so fake she makes Savannah look real!
by 1425lml May 12, 2014
A town on the upper east coast of the state of georgia. The arm pitt of the United States of America.
Savannah, ga / savannah, shitty, corruption, sense of entitlement, origin of most narcissistic women
by danoreilley November 24, 2011
Usually hyper, Savannahs will act all cutesy and sweet, but will be exceedingly rude and unbelievably self-centered. They are arrogant and are chatter-boxes. They practically stalk guys they like, and will do anything to get their attention, even and especially sabotaging the guy's girlfriend.
Savannah- All around annoying.
by BOBMAN258 April 20, 2012
A savannah is a stupid ass cunt. Then tend to lie to people about girls they get jealous of. They accuse pretty girls of being "boyfriend stealers". Savannah has back combed hair to the roof and wears trashy makeup. They are stupid and ugly, they do whatever a guys says in order to get attention. She has an annoying laugh and is super loud. She has blue eyes and blonde hair, and wears the tightest jeans possible so her thighs explode out the top. She rips her jeans about twice a week and cries when guys she likes make out with other girls. Savannah is a stupid bitch. No one. Likes. Her.
Savannah is a stupid bitch, look at savannah walk.
by Thebitch. November 29, 2012
A pretty girl that has an smile that you can tell she is evil and she also is a FAG!(;
Man isn't Savannah just gay!
by rdh224 March 14, 2011
A woman with too much time on her hands. A Savannah is short, busty, and sassy. She is quiet and strong. Usually blond, but there have been rare occurrences of a brunette. Most Savannah's are lazy and a bit overweight. Savannah's are extremely loyal and can be a bit obsessive. Savannah's LOVE Asian boys. If given the choice of having one as a friend or enemy, it would be wise to have her as a friend.
"Dude, that girl has HUGE boobs!"

"yup, that's a Savannah."
by Mrs. Kim September 15, 2009
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