-Emotionally and menatally numb
-Extremely blonde and insensitive
-When sited, commonly described as "A-DUH!"
-Freaks out about loss of pickles
While hiking, we sited a Savannah.
Excellant Savannah, Mom.
Don't be such a Savannah, they're only pickles!
by Quong April 23, 2008
An infertile woman who is turning into a man. Also a teenage girl who has not had her period. Commonly called "Sa-vag-less" or Sir Vagless.
She must be a Savannah!
by You Wish You Were Me1994 May 28, 2009
One who who acts as an unholy slut.
"I could go to hardcore fuck parties and still not be a Savannah."
by M.T. Oryza July 24, 2006
The name of an extreme whore; She will try and take your man. (but hey; at least this way you'll know if he loves you right?) she usually has a fake tan, and a lot of cellulite on the legs perticularly. Also has a squeaky chipmunk voice. Very annoying. The biggest slut you will ever meet. May be referred to as "slutvannah"
WOW, that girl is SUCH a savannah.
by EEhoeXO March 21, 2009
an anorexic "girl" who acts like a dumbass but is really pretty smart. Has a super high pitched voice and is a bitchy cheerleader who runs around acting like she is better than everyone else.
Greg- Sarah got on my nerves today with her abnoxious voice and cheers
Brandon- yea i know me too!
Greg- She is so put up a savannah today!
Brandon- obviously
savannah's suck
by peeinyoface4eva December 16, 2008
Somebody that is a letdown.
That doesn't stick to there actual word.
Ryan why are you a savannah?
by Knutton March 02, 2008
Usally A girl who is really ugly, and looks like a raccoon. But she likes to make her self feel better by talking shit about other people. She is also a really Big POSER. she dont really no who she is. She Thinks shes cool cause she has had sex but she really isnt.
Savannah: I had sex. Im Cool.
Some1 else: WOW ur cool now.
by ajayiskmart January 18, 2009

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