A girl, me, who is unsure of herself. She feels that her family doesn't care about her and when they do it's not real, it's artificial. She wished her step dad would be around more... and her mom to stop being so non understanding.
Wow, Savannah is so unhappy sometimes....
by WeirdGirl12 July 12, 2015
shy not like other people
she is as shy as a Savannah
by undeadcreeper April 24, 2015
fucking whore
savannah, eww stds stay away doll
by 444free July 09, 2016
A hot Rachet ass hoe who blows small chodes for a living.
Your such a savannah.
by Pizzacoclover June 23, 2016
A manipulative bitch who will pretend to be your best friend, just to find out she stabbed you in the back. do you really want to be her friend? yeah, she can be awesome at times. but do you really want a friend who's jealous and greedy? she always plays that innocent card, and makes you look like a bad person. All she is, is a goddamn slut. sure, everyone loves her now, but they will soon see her true colors.
person 1: hey man! guess what? I'm dating savannah now
person 2: did you ay savannah?
person 1: yeah why?
person 2: break up with her. she will cheat on you.
by That_Lovely_Heart July 06, 2016
loud. has a very interesting interest in potato chips. twerks like your mom. loves her partner brittany. can name very justin bieber song. likes disco parties. can get down like kanye and kim. 69. also know as sav the sexy. likes barbies and kens. dresses up like a cheetah in the morning. has crushes on senior boys. loves whip cream and sprinkles. (;
Boy:Who is that twerking?
Boy2: Savannah the Sexy (;
by savannah 69 February 17, 2013
A cunning girl that uses her flirting powers on men with girlfriends even though she is proof the ugly stick exists.
Savannah wouldn't be so bad if she respected boundaries.
by Crazyapples November 19, 2014
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