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A Savanna, also known as a 'Vanna', is an insanely beautiful girl with long brown wavy hair & blue/green eyes. They are peace makers and tend to calm you down. They are even mistaken for hippies or thong pirates at times. Though they are known to go after assholes, they always end up with amazing guys in the end. Tend to be best friends with "Caitlin's" or "Kayla's".
"Caitie : Vanna I'm gonna go knock a bitch out!"

"Savanna : No Caitie, you'll get arrested. How about you lay off the sugar & then I'll walk you home."

"Caitie : Okay..."
by ChemicalCoffee September 15, 2011
93 27
Savanna is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She is fun to be around and fun to be with. Savanna's will always be there to cheer you up and can turn them shy person into one talking up a storm. She will always be there too help you up when your down. They have Blue eyes and Blonde hair and are the most amazing creatures known to man. They have the cutest smiles and the biggest hearts. They are athletic and weird in their own ways. Weird in a good way though, the kind of weird that makes you fall in love. I love my Savanna, I hope you will too!
Boy: Hey... Umm.

Savanna's: Hey boi! What up!

Boy: Haha sup savannah! Glad too see you!

Savanna: Yeah you too! Just came by to check on you. Love ya!
by BlaisePowder December 22, 2012
16 2
A beautiful girl. Although she's sensitive sometimes, she is always fun and will be there for you. Everyone lives her and she knows how to make a good impression on people.
Cindy- I finally made a new friend! Her name is Savanna! Shes so awesome and cool!
Roger- Oh that's awesome! I've had the biggest crush on her!
by Spongebob squarepants lol December 10, 2013
12 4
The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She has long curly brown hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes. She isn't always the happiest but she will lift you up when you need help. She makes you laugh until your ribs hurt and she has the most beautiful smile. You can tell her anything. She's weird in a perfect way but others push her too far. She's beautiful, I love her. She's gone through alot but still has a big heart.
"You're like a Savanna. You're perfection, so please smile."
by xxxx01 October 27, 2013
7 1
this nasty as bitch that considers herself a human being.. when in reality shes a sad excuse for a human being. shes a dirty whore and has been through every guy in clinton/utica. Her face is caked on with all sorts of dollar store/ walmart makeup. she smokes so many cigarettes a day her teeth are about to fall out of her big ass head. shes a low life drug addict that is gonna end up nowhere in life. Shell be the girl on the next corner in utica haha. savannnnnnna crane mmmmmmmmmmmmmm wanna STD holla at her;))
want a blow job in exchange for some coke or weed.. call savanna!!!
by savananana HATER January 05, 2011
53 212
A giant whore who skips school to suck dick. She also refers to herself as "ak barbie". Yeah, maybe if barbies were fat and had huge horse teeth.
Yeah, she looks just like a Savanna.
by Jahavojareh June 16, 2010
39 211
an ugly red headed skanky bitchy slut.who smells like horse shit.her skin is blotchy and pale and her hair looks like someone set it on fire.she is a bitch who is jealous of everyone.
Don't you just hate Savanna Mitchell?
Yeah she is such a whore.
by nigga.bitch.hoe. November 21, 2009
50 282