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A combination of Savage and Scavenger, sometimes in name only

1-A "bully" that uses lack of physical size to scavenge something
2-A whiny asshole that gets what he wants whether or not he deserves it.
3-Another word for a Bully that uses physical size and fear to get what he wants.
1-"Ah man this kid kept begging for a sammich I had, I ended losing my lunch just because of his Savanger ass"
2- "Damn man Isaiah was whining and trying to fight me all day, but nope he wouldn't get off my back until I gave him what he wanted, he's such a Savanger"
3- "GIVE ME DAH SANDWICH ARRGHHHHhh! "Fuck you man you're a damn Savanger!"
by NotQ April 08, 2008
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