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The (sometimes delusional) feeling of superiority one derives from living in the California Bay Area, as compared to living in other areas of the state, or even the nation. The combination of agreeable climate and temperature, the metropolitan culture and the amazing food can drive the residents of these areas into a kind of hysteria, leading them to believe they they're unable to live anywhere else, no matter how bad the housing and rental markets get.

The word is a portmanteau of the words Sausalito and elitism. The city of Sausalito, due to its gorgeous hills and harbor views, is often the pinnacle of this phenomenon and residents will often slyly brag about their good fortune in finding a quaint little gem for under $600K.

The only area that might embody this more might be Nob Hill, but let's face it: Anyone who lives there wouldn't be caught dead talking to 'peasants'.
"I hear it's going to be 108 degrees in Sacramento this week. You poor dears, you really should move out to the Bay like we did."
"Bitch, if I hear any more sausalitism out of you, they'll be scraping you off of the front of a BART train."
by sdmx July 03, 2013
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