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Sausage vest is an article of clothing worn to hide ones' fat. The problem is that this only causes the fat to then turn into rolls resembling sausage crammed into a casing.

These vests can come in any color, red,blue, purple checker, and in some cases, crap brown. The person feels as though they are covered up, but in all actuality they have taken a bad situation and made it much, much, worse. It creates a tower of rolls, and gives the illusion of buldging tires. It also raises questions as to exactly how strong that Jo-Ann fabric's threading is to hold such a mass 'safely', thus bringing public safety to mind.
I had trouble getting passed that fat ass, thank goodness her sausage vest caused a bumper effect and bounced me to safety.

How does she manage to find shoes to match every color sausage vest she has?

I was distracted at the play so I decided to count the rolls that duff was sportin' in her bright purple sausage vest.
by Sass sha J May 18, 2010

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