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1. n - (anatomy) An unusually large penis, with emphasis on the length

2. n - (person) A player in the online RPG game "Asheron's Call" by Turbine Entertainment. He plays as a thrown weapons character on the Frostfell server, and is known for his eccentric and homosexually-oriented antics in the game's public chat channels.

3. n - (weapon) A weapon utilized by ancient Roman army foot soldiers for mid-range combat engagements, normally a 5-6" spear specially weighted and shaped to be thrown by hand. A theoretical variant, a "sausage javelin" is an otherwise normal metal javelin that is composed of preserved tubular meat. Not a real weapon.
1. "His rectum was quite sore, due in no small part because of his hung partner's throbbing sausage javelin."

2. "That fag that PvPs on a TW and talks smack in /cg all the time? Yeah that's Sausage Javelins."

3. "Cynicism is fatally impaled by the sausage javelin thrown from afar by a drudge."
by Sausage Javelins April 04, 2010

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