Possibly one of the greatest villains ever. He is also one of the most original (The LOTR has been around before star wars). He's pretty awesome when he sends a bunch of guys flying through the air. Nice armoured suit too. It's a shame you don't see him very often. No one really knows what his face looks like either.
1)The dark lord of Mordor and the ultimate LOTR's villain

2)Sauron is an 8ft demom with a big ass mace!

3)Creator of the one ring...TO RULE THEM ALL!!!!!

by Paul3 October 15, 2005
Besides the dark lord of LOTR, this term can be used to describe a person or situation that is unpleasant or annoying or just messed up.
When referring to a person:
My teacher just failed me because I spelled naissance without the "i." She's such a sauron.

When referring to a situation:
Guy 1- Dude! My laptop just got stolen.
Guy 2- That's so sauron!
by EripphasSmaerd March 19, 2005

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