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A German insult to women, translating to a sow. Used in modern leet speak to show affection to a girl you want or love.
Hey saumensch, never leave the kitchen unless it's to bring me a sandwich, or do laundry.

ILUS. Text speak for I love you Saumensch.
by JD² August 01, 2010
A made-up German word no German ever used, invented by an Australian, writing about something
he was neither part of nor understands, in order to make some money of the plight of two peoples.

The proper insult for a young female in German is "Miststück" (piece of manure/shit).
Du kleines Miststück! (You little piece of shit!). Note the complete absence of the word "saumensch".
by KrautKontrol December 18, 2013
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