A pessimist who, by setting a shining example for humanity, makes everyone else an optimist.
"Wow, she just single-handedly saved thirty people from certain death."
"Gee, that's swell. I have new hope for humanity, but why does she look so sad?"
"She's a true Saulsbury."
by Smashing Tomato January 14, 2009
(adj): incredibly successful; haven taken the world by the flanks and galloped into the sunset; motivated by frozen dairy products. *No association whatsoever with the steak or the university in Maryland*
Martha: Hey, you wanna go eat some Saulsbury steak?
Davey: No, 'cause then we'd be cannibals feeding off the flesh of a human carcass.
Martha: Oh.
Davey: Let's go get ice cream instead!
Martha: Three!!!!
by BriarRose January 14, 2009

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