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N. A type of teaching style, usually instituted in high schools, rarely in colleges. The Saullian educator tends to try to become "friends" with the students, only to renege on this whenever something actually important emerges, such as any minor late assignment. The Saullian educator also rarely knows what he or she is talking about and uses neo-liberal bullshit that sounds profound when it is really just a plethora of nihilistic jibber-jabber. Only few are fooled by this facade. Classes usually stress "Socratic dialog" which is decried by the teacher as "off-topic" right before any sort of meaning can actually be discovered. Student's opinions are usually rebuffed as immature, except when the teacher actually uses student work as a teaching aid, because he or she didn't give a fuck to actually learn the material. Saullian teachers also enjoy screwing students over, especially at critical times when it would be the least helpful.
A naive shit like you would probably think that, but in reality, he's a fan of Saullian education.
by AKorZ April 12, 2011
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