Saul most commonly refers to either one of two characters in the Bible:

1) Saul, the first King of Israel

2) Saul, the Hebrew name for the apostle Paul
1) Hey, did you ever wonder why nobody talks about how Saul massacred the Amalekites?

2) Paul seems to be the only New Testament author who made a big deal about homosexuality.
by Namaps July 10, 2008
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A dope fresh person with nothing less than twenty grand in his pocket. Wears only the cleanest and freshest clothes around, almost always guranteed to be wet.
"hey, that kid is almost as fresh as Saul"
by SNA January 10, 2008
It simply means "It's all" commonly used by rappers such as Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa via twitter and other social networking outlets.
Saul Good" or "Saul Gravy
by BIGHOOKA September 21, 2010
To acquire a really fucking good lawyer.
Hey John, what are you gonna do about your arrest?
Well the only thing I can do is Saul the fuck up, and go to court.
by Darby Block July 28, 2014
The act of stalking someone or obsessing over them.
That guy is pulling a Saul on you.
by Pyromaniac678 November 13, 2014
a fat person that cock blockes
man sauls alwayz got to b on my jock when i talk to girl.
by raveon October 14, 2008
a guy who is a dick to all women even though he is not trying to be
yo man, I just met this guy and we went to the bar. He's such a Sauls
by Jason Goldman January 06, 2008

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