(1) A country that is so envied for being rich n all, but is poor as fuck. It has very low-quality streets, inflation, poor education, extremely few universities that only people who have connections can get in, low-paid jobs. Because all the oil money goes to them kings and princes, people are left with no or shit services. Sure, we're better than some of Africa, but no where close to what an oil country should be.
(2) A country where money gets issued for projects like making better roads or building hospitals and schools, then most of The money (usually more than 50%) goes to the prince of that province, his people in The administration, and The contractors, so then the project is done with minimum expenses and less than minimum quality.
(3) A country where westerner are told not to wear shorts, carry a camera, talk to a woman when they go there because they can get shot for that... Nigga please!!! that's a buncha crap.
(4) A country from which most if not all rumors and hoaxes about The Shiite Islamic party spread out. Example, they said Shiite Muslims have tails like some animals, they claim they sit in big groups at one time of The year, turn lights off and have sex with whoever they get their hand on. The sad truth is there are people that are that ignorant to believe that kinda shit. There is no discrimination based on skin color, but there is discrimination based on which Islamic party you belong to, and it is a lot worse than all kinds of discrimination I have ever heard of. Believe me when I tell you that the education of Islamic parties in this country is not just fucked up, it is also FORBIDDEN knowledge. So if you bring a book from outside the country that talks about the Shiite party, they confiscate it at the borders.
(5) A country where Prince Mohammed Bin Fahad (of the Eastern Province) shares profit with anyone who creates a project BY FORCE. And if the guy refuses to share, his project get suspended by an order of the government.
1. sand nigga: Yo, that guy must be rich
nigga: He must be Saudi
sand nigga: You think all Saudis are rich? nigga please!

2. one: This road is fucking filled with bumps and they just finished it yo.
two: Welcome to Saudi Arabia

3. one: My friend say they shot his brother in saudi for wearing shorts.
two: Nigga, cut the crap and get yo facts str8

4. one: I heard Shiite Muslims turn into pigs when they die. is that true?
two: Jesus! just stop and think for a second. Must be another one of Saudi hoaxes bullshit.
by L337_h4x0r October 22, 2007
Top Definition
The country the U.S. should have toppled instead of going into Iraq.

Major contributing factor to all the misery, backwardness, and violence that exists in the Mideast. An impediment to democracy and freedom in that region and the Muslim world as a whole.

The most hated and despised nation in the Islamic world. They treat their own people like kings and ruthlessly discriminate against individuals of other backgrounds and religions.

Country that funnels billions of dollars of oil money to "charities" that wage war on innocents, while at the same time erects libraries and mosques to "buy" the respect of other nations.

A nation void of liberties, ruled by uneducated Bedouin who a century ago contributed nothing to the wellbeing of mankind. The only thing they contribute now just so happens to be the lifeblood of the industrial world - oil. And that too only because foreigners and ARAMCO are there to do the dirty work for them.

A country that will be absolutely fucked once oil becomes obsolete.

Synonyms: hypocrisy, illiteracy, perfidy, backward-thinking, lethargy...

Antonyms: civilization, education, progress, hard work
15 of the 19 hijackers hailed from Saudi Arabia.

The overwhelming majority of the insurgents in Iraq are Saudis.

The only country in the world that doesn't allow women to drive is Saudi Arabia.

If you practice any religion but Islam in Saudi Arabia, you can be arrested indefinitely. If you speak against the rulers of Saudi Arabia, you may be imprisoned and killed without ever seeing a judge.

Over 70% of Saudi youth are unemployed. Expatriates from poorer countries are more or less slaves in Saudi Arabia, hired to do the work for their Saudi overlords. Apparently, "Saudization" has a long way to go.

Mecca and Medina. Yeah, they're international cities. Look beyond those two locales to get a real feel for Saudi Arabia.

Want a modern example of an Islamic nation? Yeah, don't dwell on Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia should take a page out of Dubai's book if it wants to get out of the abyss it has been digging itself into for the past eight decades.
by fulani August 10, 2008
The country that is owns 75% of the USA's economy,

if saudi arabia stopped selling to the USA, the USA's economy would go down the shit hole.
This is why george bush likes them so mutch.
by eastern person February 01, 2005
1.) A fascist state ruled by a family of despots that uses Islam to defend itself and its ridiculous policies.
Unfortunately, this evil family happens to reign over the land where Islam was founded and two of the holiest Islamic sites.

2.) President Bush's best friend

3.) A dictatorship that un-Islamically abuses women, like it un-Islamically does everything else. Ironically, this country justifies their stupidity with the Holy Quran, which means that this monarchy's royal family are all damned and doomed to hell.

4.) Home to Osama bin Laden, who, like his fellow noblemen and royals in Saudi Arabia, is a nutcase damned and doomed to hell.

5.) An enemy to Islam; an enemy to democracy; an enemy to freedom.
The biggest threat to the United States, Saudi Arabia also happens to be a root cause of suffering in the Islamic world today.
by A Good Muslim December 03, 2004
A "holy kingdom" run by the corrupt Saudi family, who in 1922, boastfully named the land after themselves.
Kicked out the Hashemite king who once owned their holy cities of Makkah (Mecca) and Medina. His descendant is the current King of Jordan.

Saudi Arabia's main economy is oil production, which is very fortunate. All they have to do is sit back, pray to Allah to pump their oil, and millions of barrels are produced a day.
A country that promotes oppression and hinders human rights.
Full name: al-Mamlakah Arabiyah Assaudiyah
"I want to go to Saudi Arabia for the summer".
-"Sure, if you like seeing injustice under your very eyes."
by a_romijn September 19, 2005
Proof that time travel is actually possible. One steps inside this absolute monarchy, and steps out into the 7th Century.
In Riyadh on Fridays, one can go to the square outside the major mosque in the city and watch criminals get their heads cut off by a guy with a sword. Cool, huh?

In Saudi Arabia, women aren't permitted to drive or show their faces in public. If they do, then they can be sentenced to a number of lashes by a Shari'a court.

It should be noted, Saudi men also regularly beat their wives. Such are the benefits of being born with a penis in one hand a Qu'ran in the other.

In Saudi Arabia, witches are subject to execution. No, I'm serious. They executed a Nigerian nanny for putting a curse on her employer's family.

And, it should be noted, how do they execute witches? By burying them up to their neck and pelting them with rocks until they're dead. It's called stoning, and sadly is nowhere near as fun as being stoned.

Sounds fun, doesn't it?
by SaudiArabiaSucks January 30, 2011
A game that is played with a woman and a blanket. It is to simulate how women in Saudi Arabia have very limited rights.
Take the blanket throw it over her head and tell her not to talk. She may resist but if she tries to speak or take off the blanket she is breaking the rules and must be punished.
Guy: "wanna play Saudi Arabia"
Girl: "whats that?"
Guy: (guy throws blanket over her head)"now dont talk"
Girl: (doesnt talk)
Guy: "wow this is reallly fun"
by Dr.Ryan March 31, 2011
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