A French last name meaning utterly intelligent, popular, sexy and stylish.
Girl: hey what's my last name mean?
Other girl: I don't know, look it up at urban dictionary
Girl: cool it means intelligent
Other girl: what a saucier
by MerpAgnes April 06, 2012
Top Definition
Popular in France and Cajun areas of Louisiana, it's a chef or cook who specializes in making sauces.
I come from New Orleans, so I was taught by my grandmother to be a saucier."
by Jazzual June 14, 2015
A little 3 hair town where people ride around in their pick em up trucks and chew tobaker.
1: dude do you wanna go to saucier?
2: no man I have better stuff to do.
1: like what?

2: idk sleep.
by davy boone December 05, 2010
An a-hole down the street that gives you candy you don't want to eat.
I give out dirty candy to the children. I am an Saucier
by cheesyashia July 11, 2008
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