A mythical man who is sporadically called for during games of Madden 2008. If you play a lot of Madden, you will notice players randomly shouting emphatically, "Hey Sauce Man!" It is important to note the condescending tone used by the players. The Sauce Man is undoubtedly a person of great importance, although he will never get the respect he deserves.
Video Game Ray Lewis "Hey Sauce Man!"
by JasonPen March 11, 2008
Top Definition
A being of pure Sauce with ultimate powers of amazement
Sauceman is amazing, I love him.
by Sauceman January 10, 2004
A Man who is full of sauce. Sauce can be defined as skeet, alcohol, and other bodily functions.
Yo did you see that guy he's drunk as hell. He's sure is the sauceman.
by unknownpleasures February 28, 2009

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