Mom is on the sauce.
by Philisdumb March 18, 2003
1. An often liquid substance used to add flavor to food.

2. When an activitey does not go as planned it is considered "Sauce"

3. An excelent nickname for a person who is bad at almsot every activitey known to man kind.
1. This soy sauce is amazing.

2. A player drops a pass, "that was very sauce of you."

3. A poor individual who is bad at everyting should be named "sauce".
by Stonewalljackman January 04, 2009
an alternative way to say that something is garbage or not on point
Hey yo, you see that boy rockin those ugly yellow shoes? They look like sauce.
Hey man, you hear how my girl broke up with me for another guy? That's some sauce.
by G. Vinny June 05, 2003
Sauce was originally grown in northern ugandia, it was mass produced in olive gardens and orchards in british columbia to quebecios. it was mainly created for a delightful addition to a meal. wrap a rooster and call it same is the word of tommorrow, originaly developed in soivet russia chinese scoutsmen roamed europe in search of jaque le dumas unfortunatly he was never found and neither was the police if you are cool you will give me a thumbs down kk thx continued throughtout the second century sorcery was a source of sauce and milk catering services were over used and un ethical against jamals will all african americans were forced into selling weed on the streets of india until they were rescued by columbus cammedorjit, why are you still reading this stuff come on how did this even get approved throughout the modern days it was not accepted. but it later became customary in many dishes. And that is why we refer to this as sauce
the sauce was undeveloped all the time
by yazanlysanderjeet September 08, 2008
When something sucks.
1. Guy 1: Dude, that party was sauce!
Guy 2: You can't say it like that. It has to be, like, "Dude, how was the party?" and then you say, "Sauce"
2. Teacher: You just failed the test, Little Person.
Little Person: Sauce.
by S2K7 October 06, 2007
part of speach: suffix

OK here is the real story of the word sauce. it all began back in the early TV show day for the band Tenacious D. the refered to the word "Rocketsauce" as in "you were only rockin, cuz you saw my rocketsauce." rocketsauce has a more sexual reference than one of awsomeness. the rocket however only served to launch the Sauce in to the sea of slang to hopefully be part of our suffix vocabulary.

lets face it. words are overused, words like fuck, or awsome, or crazy are overused. they are overused so much that they have lost their meaning, their value, their FLAVOR. overused words are bland, so add some sauce to spice up your vocabulary. works greatest with nouns, can changed them into adjectives if you so desire. replace with "status" or "stack" as you see fit.
Fucksauce that test was hard
overusedsauce (overusedstatus)
coolsauce (coolstaus)

peace + sauce = peasauce
balls + sauce = ballsauce
please + sauce = pleasauce
yes sauce = yesauce(yesir)
(you get it)
by robstatus December 14, 2005
to throw an object extremely hard/fast
Billy just sauced a baseball through the window.
by DunHole December 22, 2005

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