the way a FAG says source
That video of Caseyface is hot! MOAR! Sauce nao pl0x! Pedobear does approve!
by hoedydudey August 04, 2009
I don't know what you crazy cats are talking about with all this intercourse and hard liquor.

Sauce is a way to add zest to a topic of conversation, as it does with food.

But also, much like tobasco sauce, you can have too much of it.
This refers to being overly enthusiastic, sappy, or generally obnoxious about something. Tends to frighten people.
"You can't come to the party? UGH, lame sauce"

"You went BUNGEE JUMPING?! Thats CRAZY sauce!!!"

Jim: "Too much sauce Karen. Too much sauce..."
by Janice Booterman August 03, 2009
1) Any of many fluids secreted by the human body, and which accumulate on surfaces which should be kept clean of such residues. Often requires prefixes to clarify origin (e.g. "handsauce" or "rumpsauce")

2) Any fluid that leaves a grimy residue.
Man, there's earsauce all over your cell phone!

Which one of you choads splattered facesauce all over the bathroom mirror?

by choad wax December 25, 2008
to have intercourse, particularly sweaty and kinky intercourse
Melissa: Did you and Mark sauce last night?
Liz: Yeah, I had to change the sheets afterward.
by Molly O September 16, 2008
Word added to anything to make it totaly awesome and unbeatable.
In halo, you can say shotsauce, snipesauce, rocksauce and so on. Or "Dude we just got sauced." Or "Dude i just sauced bolth of em."
by Stiller August 08, 2008
A comment added by a bystander when someone made fun of another one with a comment that received no "come-back." In a way it is similar to a crowd saying "oooooo" after someone is insulted. However, sauce can also be said by the insulter to add to the insult if there is no bystander. It can also be used as a noun in which a "sauce" is a diss.
John: "Hey, some of the best things in life are small."
Jim: "Is that what your girlfriend says?"

Bystander (said loudly right after Jim's comment without giving John a chance to say anything in responce to the insult): "SAUCE!!"


John: "Hey, some of the best things in life are small."
Jim: "Is that what your girlfriend says? SAUCE!!"
by Superplaya August 10, 2008
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