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to drink alcohol or to get wasted. also used as sauce, sauced, and saucey.
Amber "Hey Jenna!"
Jenna "Hey Amber!"
Amber "Are you ready to get sauced tonight?"
Danielle "You guys are saucing tonight?"
Jenna "Yes, I brought good sauce!"
by amber_14612 March 31, 2010
The Hierarchy of Sauce-

1. First order: Prominently kept in a social form. i.e. sauce: (verb) The act of spitting ones "game" to a member of the opposite sex and still maintaining a good amount of social interaction with others around you.

2.Second order: Encompassing the likes of “saucy nae’s”- at least one of the parties (whether giving or receiving the sauce) currently is involved in a so called “exclusive” relationship. i.e. sauce: (verb) the act of attempting to move in on a member of the opposite sex who has a significant other, or the attempt to have other sexual relations outside ones current “constraints”.

3.Third order: Taking sauce to its Pinnacle level. Indulgence in scandalous activities involving sex, alcohol, or drugs without inhibition. Sauce in the form of giving offense to moral sensibilities and injurious to ones reputation. This is sauce in action. ie. sauce: (verb) Along with the two primary orders this includes dropping the hammer, getting paloozed, pronounced sexual activity, hooking up with randoms, severe benders, drunk dialing sprees, confessions of love, blacking out.
1.Example: Marcos told Jenny her eyes put those big Texas stars to shame as he took a sip of his beer and dipped his pong ball into the water-cup

2.Example: After Marcos discovered that Jenny had been seeing Jason he still attempted to move in on her by getting her phone number and adding her on facebook (often followed by regular “creeping”).

3.Example: Marcos is in a belligerent state of hammeredness after 3 long days of continuous drinking and first and second order saucing. He had a coyote for breakfast and a brown bag special for lunch. However, he continues to call various targets of his liking in hopes of a meeting. Eventually he confesses his love to Jenny through text message and passes out in his bath tub. The next week Marcos was denounced by his friends as they told him he was “So saucy” and “he was dressed in various condiments like soy, terriaki, BBQ, and honey mustard sauce” and even “Man, you take sauce to a whole new level, you saucy fuck”, however, he was satisfied by the experience

by saucy nae April 20, 2009
To add on emphasis to a certain event, whether it was positive or negative. Used to express joy or failure.

Other ways to use the word: Saucey, Sawnee
"Damn, I just dropped my sundae in my lap............Sauce."

"Yessir, I just got this girl's number.......Saucey."
by Mer Thang November 20, 2011
meaning you got a STD or something in that nature
James: He was fucking with Keisha yesterday.

Jay: Ohh, He got the sauce now.
by MoneyKidd April 19, 2011
to drink, to juice, to get fucked up.
- Yo man, wanna sauce tonight?

- yeah man, i wanna get sooo effing drunk.
by Ryan Banks February 02, 2010
A Sauce night includes world class underground DJ's and is a hugely dynamic, multi faceted night of genres facilitated by open minded fun loving scene enthusiasts.
Typically found in the central metro area of Perth, Western Australia and co-ordinated by any number of world class Hosts and Deck maestros found in said area.
SA_spec: wow you look like you've had the best night out in your life?

Reenz: yeah man last night was sauce and i got laid 5 times by before 11pm.

SA_spec: wow dude thats kinda um ...skanky....was the music good as well but?

Reenz: Yeah man a sauce kinda night includes world class underground DJ's and is a hugely dynamic, multi faceted night of genres facilitated by open minded fun loving scene enthusiasts.

SA_spec: Rehearse that much?

Reenz: Shut-up.

SA_spec: Good
by SA_spec August 24, 2009
Sauce is an action word that describes when someone has just taken a sip of a beverage and a friend makes them laugh at that exact same moment and the beverage is then spit back out creating a very fine spittle sauce. This usually happens while friends are enjoying food at a table; thus the term 'sauce'.
Aimee was telling me the funniest story about something that happened to her while she was on holiday right when I took a fresh sip of my mojito; I sauced all over the table!
by Jena6 April 09, 2011