The money shot at the end of a hentai or porn collection.
Taht is HAWT! Sauce plz. KTHXBAI.
by TGC October 15, 2006
when u ballin and u take a shot and it looks good u say "SAUCE"
(U cross someone up, then jump back and shoot a 3) u'd say "SAUCE"
by tha mac daddy June 25, 2003
a word used to describe a hott guy. formerly HOT SAUCE but shortened to sauce.

see also: saucy
-Damn did you see him?
-Yea, he some sauce!

-He is looking real saucy today!
by GLAM CAM August 22, 2007
the center of the matrix
neo travelled to the sauce, cuz he wanted a sandwich
by neo November 14, 2003
1. Alcohol. Duh.
2. Used as an intensifying suffix.
3. Used as a suffix on names (see "J-Sauce" above) as either a) an homage, if you're giving the nickname to someone else; or b) a sign of how cocky you are, if giving it to yourself.

In senses two and three, can be replaced with sizzle.
1. Guy 1: "I went crazy off the sauce last night and got with your mom."
2. Guy 2: (Shudders.) "That's weak-sauce."
3a. Guy 3: "Damn, Guy-1-sauce, that's bangin'!"
3b and 4. Guy 1: "Damn right! I'm Guy-1-Sizzle!"
by P-Sauce November 24, 2003
Cocaine snorted through the nose
We should pick up a g of sauce tonight.
by Jenny Liaman April 01, 2007
1. The same as strong sauce (opposite of weak sauce,and means awesome, cool, etc.), but with the strong omitted. It is often used when someone does not feel like saying weak because they'd rather just save themselves the breath.

2. Something you can put on one of your foods.
1. "Dude, that move was total sauce!"

2. "Want some sauce on that steak?"
by mcescalante May 09, 2008

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