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A short japanese man.
Yo, I was getting on the train in Tokyo and there was Sauce everywhere.
by Ichiro Suz November 23, 2005
Chewy and Starfox... with a little bit o' Meesha and Peetree... alll mixed together with a little SPICE and sweat!
"Oh God, thats soooo sauce!"

"Sauce on!"

"Sauce off, asshole"
by Perv-o April 13, 2004
pussy or putang
George was dippin in the deep sauce last night.
I need to get some sauce from Sheri
by D. Willie September 15, 2003
Used in rappers names such as in Sauce Money or J-Sauce. The word is usually associated with sex. It can be used as a way of callin someone sneaky and sly. It can also be used to say you will beat someone. The beating can be from sports, fights, or even school work. It is not recomended for normal pesants to use this word in that way. That way is reserved for the people who's name contains the word "sauce" in it. It is mainly a personal way for these people to speak.
"That dogg is saucy."
"I am going to sauce you out."
by J- Sauce March 11, 2003
very good, kool, awesome.
"man that party was saaauuucceee."
"that bitch looked good last nite, yeh i no she was sauce ay?"
by Geoffro February 26, 2008
anything you want seriously i mean its a great substitution for anything its also a great adjective
"im gonna sauce you in the lip" or "i just got done with your mom i sauced her all night"
by John Collins June 20, 2003
When someone bleeds out of their asshole.
Person 1: Yo, did you hear about Matt? He bled out of his ass.

Person 2: Yeah, that's why we call him sauce.
by MirandaPanda April 02, 2007