A topping, often for spagetti, used heavily by the italian nationality, often homemade or bought Ragu style, other brand names that are wanna be Ragu s like Brothers, Prego, and a few... However none match up to MAMAs home cooked sou-ce...
by JB February 13, 2003
An Adjective describing something or somebody in a negative way.
Yo that team we played last night was sauce, we should have murdered them

Tom Brady and the gay squad are such sauce, there going to get fucked up by the g-men in the superbowl
by GMoneySagHairs January 28, 2008
to cum. commonly known by everyone but you

as in:

"JF was fappin to Cracky-chan all nite & nao thars sauce on my keyboard!"
by Sirfapsalot December 14, 2007
Weed,Cannabis, Marijuana: To be dipped in this; To have "sauce" in possession is to have trees.
"Dipped In Sauce";
Damn that nigga's hella dipped right now, i gotta get some of that sauce!
by SLEEP-E October 14, 2007
to sauce (v.) the act of using vertical force to propel a straightened, extened fingered hand up your opponent, friend, teacher, arch nemesis, unknowing stranger's butt crack. Practice this is good fun, the object is not pain, but rather hilarity. Closely related to {poon jab}
I'm gonna sauce you so good your ass isn't going to know what hit it.
by tish tata August 11, 2007
A new term hitting the streets with kids with many variations; such as sauce master, and sausage. Sausage being its root word.
"you fucking sauce master"
by Troy J October 09, 2006
Guys, lets go play some sauce.
by Falder May 30, 2006

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