thickness of a thick girl.
Girl: I think I'm fat.
Boy: Please, guys love sauce!
by eraq July 13, 2005
sucks; terrible at something
That guy cant shoot the trey, he's some sauce
by corey cannell August 10, 2004
When a baby boy is at his highest point in the game. Tight, ass lines and a sweet smile.

Yeah, and when a dude has his chick whipped.
Baby Bash
Yeah, she likin the money, but she lovin my sauce.
by Cherish Mae Mae April 23, 2004
a non offensive response
George: u r wayne
cov the bat: sauce
by Clive Mcshane January 06, 2004
When one has an STD.
Hey man! What you know about shawty, should I holla at her?

You ain't know? she got that sauce!
by CelesteWilliams August 03, 2003
Untouchable by man; above all; the second comming; the cause of envy; gods gift to woman; walks on water; the one; all powerful; feared

See Also Ross
I worship sauce, he is so sexy
by Dan April 07, 2003
A topping, often for spagetti, used heavily by the italian nationality, often homemade or bought Ragu style, other brand names that are wanna be Ragu s like Brothers, Prego, and a few... However none match up to MAMAs home cooked sou-ce...
by JB February 13, 2003

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