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The act of beating the shit out of Someone and shoving a Ping Pong paddle up their ass. Causing them to go to the hospital and have blood and shit in their bed pan. Or in simple terms shoving a Ping Pong paddle up someones ass.
Austin and Terrence Sauce Panned the shit out of Josh yesterday. Damn it was bloody!
by Jepedo Bear February 12, 2012
A name you call someone who's monotonous, insipid, barren, ho-hum, and/or phlegmatic. Sarcasm reeks from his unshaved pits and sufficates worse than his breath. He's got a hair line-up that stretches longer than the U.S. Mexican border.
Person: And that's how my girbil died -laughs-
Saucepan: Wow~, that's really stupid.
Person: Shut up! You're such a saucepan!
by Burritosandcreamcheese May 11, 2010
1. a name given by peers to make fun of your name & the way it sounds by insinuating that either your real name is to hard to pronounce or they don't really feel like memorizing an entire 7-letter name.
2. a pan in which sauce is cooked.
3. a word that reminds people of spicy foods or the word 'sizzle'.
4. a random word to shout.
1. hey, whats up 'saucepan'!(cough, cough, nudge, nudge, wink, wink)
2. hey, don't you think we should cook the sauce in the 'saucepan'.
3. omg!!this chili pepper is sooo 'saucepan'!
4. viva 'SAUCEPAN'!!!!!!!!!!!
by xxandrea_grnlvrxx March 19, 2008
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