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norwegian black metal band who's guitarists raped and drugged a woman after the band's performance on december 14th
Even if the guitarists are rapers,songs like mother north and fuel for hatred still remain good.
by scars_of_the_crucifix December 31, 2004
Norwegian black metal band that deviated from the known black metal formula.
Good news.
The guitarists did`nt rape that lady, she was a slut that slept with every famous person she met to get attention.
The guitarists were proven "not guilty" for lack of evidence.
They probably did`nt want to sleep with her and then she might want to get revenge.
by Per Ottar April 18, 2005
A norwiegen satanic group, like Dimmu Borgir but without the stupid-ass keyboard.
Satyricon are the best!

by James Brown May 19, 2003