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On a Saturday night when one is with their lover.
My man is droppin' by this weekend, it's the Saturday Night Special I can't wait!
by azra9 May 20, 2010
3 29
Old school term used to describe a home-made concealable weapon (usually a runty firearm of some sort).
Go ahead pull out that SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL and give me an excuse to kill your stupid ass...
by Joshiro007 February 17, 2003
19 45
Cheaply manufactured pistol, usually in caliber .22, that no self-respecting, law abiding citizen would consider using to defend him or herself from some punkass shit wielding said firearm. The rest of us use real guns. Go ahead, Al Gore, ban them. Takes the attention away from the fuckin Brady Bill. Thank God it's over next year. More mags for that L1A1 I'm lookin at.
"Your gun says 'Replica'. My gun says 'Desert Eagle .50'"
by Big Tim August 01, 2003
20 57