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African Wild Dogs, for their adorably enormous and round ears.
Google African Wild Dogs or Painted Dogs, Satellite ears won't return results
by twist_ears February 12, 2011
The phenomenon or condition where a student will hone in on conversations to which students discuss without the knowledge of who is listening (because of "satellite ears"), until the person in question finds a point of interest in the conversation, and involuntarily joins in- suddenly making themselves vulnerable to the fact they were listening intently to the conversation without the students knowledge, approval, or comprehension...
(After listening to an entire conversation about Heroes)

Dude 1: Hey did you see Heroes last night?
Satellite ears: Omg yeah I did! I never knew Sylar had a sensitive side...
Dude 2: Whoa quick response man, considering we weren't even talking to you
Satellite ears: Er yeah haha (shifty eyes)
Dude 1: That guy must have satellite ears...
Dude 2: Defo
by Firelovesugar February 26, 2009