The supreme fallen angel from the courts above. Invisible, yet as real as the wind, and just as mysterious. The masses have NO idea how entrenched and clever this prince of darkness is. He is portrayed in a variety of ridiculous ways which bear no resemblance to his real character and mission. One day we will all see how deceived we were... but then it will be too late.
"I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightening."
by secondresurrection November 24, 2008
Satan is the real God of Earth. The fake God everyone believes in is a hypocrite and liar about such faith! There is no such thing as Allah or those other stupid gimicks!
Sinning is a part of life... If no one ever sinned "Jesus" would of died for nothing and life would be pointless therefore meaning God isn't useful to your religion. So if you rather disagree fine so be it i got nothing against you wasting your own life, but don't come knocking on my door when you want forgiveness! Especially if you didn't bother reading this and decided to stop reading half way through and skip to the next Definition!
"If your gay your going to hell but you can still ask for forgiveness even though God made you gay to start with..."

"Thats why Satan loves everyone"
by Gabriel Burstyn May 11, 2008
The evil child bringing stress and pain to claire's life. The youngest child in the family that is the parents favorite when she is undoubtedly annoying as fuck, and a monster.
"Hey your little sisters cute" "oh you mean satan"
by Whatsgoooodson August 20, 2011
Name: Thomas Spence
Assistant: Nicki Turner

True defonition= Awsome and will kill you
Satan will kill you
by Satan12345 June 13, 2010
Santa's alter ego.
"And for Jimmy we eternity in hell!!!" said satan/santa
by garuru0 December 28, 2009
An acronym used by the South American Tapir Appreciation Network.
Nobody loves those cuddly tapirs as much as SATAN!
by OvaltinePatrol August 19, 2009
Satan is an idea. Satan is NOT the entity so commonly reffered to as the devil. The Christians made sure you would always associate satan as being the devil to move their own agenda forward. Satan is any idea that goes against the status quo. When following the little trail of meaning, the word satan comes to simply mean "opposition."
So let's get it perfectly clear: satan==any idea from any man that poses a threat against the majority's brainwashed way of life. devil==the "scary" horned demon guy that supposedly is the king of all evil in a burning existence underneath us all.
Everyone always confuses the devil with satan.
Which makes more sense to you? Thought so.
by Robert Clarke mofo January 15, 2007

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