Santa's evil older brother.
Santa didn't give Satan any presents because he had been naughty.
by ElephantsAlwaysUnderstand May 05, 2013
a fucking hot bitch
really funny

trust is not its main trait
does not take no for an answer
crazy nigga
"wow she's hot"
"oh she must be a satan"
by niggggggaaa November 09, 2014
what autocorrect thinks santa is
1: Yay Satan's coming for christmas!!!!
2: ??????
1: I meant Santa... Stupid autocorrect
by kathaka9 November 07, 2014
the dude God bullies the most
God tells everybody Satan is the source of all evil. In reality, God kills everybody, causes me misery, and Satan just goes around telling everybody the truth about God.
by God can sucks Jesus' balls March 14, 2009
1. The instagram account that all middle school atheists go to hoping that it will be some inspirational stuff, but soon realize its just funny posts thaf they wouldn't have understood if not for school. 2. The devil
1. @satan is like the best account I've ever seen!

2. Catholic man talking to his kids, "Go do your homework or you'll get to slack around forever in hell with Satan!"
by I Don't Matter to You March 04, 2015
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