1. an Judeo-Christian invention to scare little kids and non-christians into believing in their fairy tale book called "The Holy Bible".

2. see Britney Spears and/or George W. Bush
"Satan = George W. Bush"
by like i'm gonna tell January 11, 2009
Santa's evil older brother.
Santa didn't give Satan any presents because he had been naughty.
by ElephantsAlwaysUnderstand May 05, 2013
Jovial young gentleman driven to acts of biblical evil by dyslexic young children sending him hundreds of thousands of Christmas lists. Jeez guys.
Child: Ugg that guy Satan used to be cool until that Christmas letter incident...
Dyslexic Child: Ah carp.
by Captain Ainsley April 11, 2015
a fucking hot bitch
really funny

trust is not its main trait
does not take no for an answer
crazy nigga
"wow she's hot"
"oh she must be a satan"
by niggggggaaa November 09, 2014
what autocorrect thinks santa is
1: Yay Satan's coming for christmas!!!!
2: ??????
1: I meant Santa... Stupid autocorrect
by kathaka9 November 07, 2014
plural. also know as Cats. Satan is considered evil, yet everyone loves cats.

They are fluffy, adorable, and planning your demise.
My cat is satan in disguise.
by mo May 16, 2014
The only supernatural being you worship by not believing in him.
Person 1: Hey, sup with you?
Person 2: Not much, I fucked my girlfriend yesterday.
Person 1: You... what? Aren't you supposed to wait until marriage? By doing this you're praising Satan!
Person 2: No, I'm not. I don't even believe in Satan, dude.
Person 1: That's the point! He wants you to think like that, therefore you are worshipping him!

Person 2: Oh for fuck's sake...
by Xfing June 02, 2014

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