adam thinks nikki is satan
nikki can control shiney demons. cuz shes satan.
by nikki February 15, 2005
The true god! there is no other just satan.

the religious comunnity wants you to belive he is bad but he is just an avrage guy! he is just pissed because he gets a bad rap.
satan is a true friend to all depressed people
the church lies to all for satan is are real god, master, and he runs are home after death. satan can be my friend for he shale bless me even if I have sined once or twice. satan will forgive all so sin away!
by Sin September 09, 2004
The one TRUE and REAL God! He deserves to be worshipped as such! Hail Satan!
Satan is Lord...All HAILL SATAN!
by Shannon Morris August 13, 2006
a fucking hot bitch
really funny

trust is not its main trait
does not take no for an answer
crazy nigga
"wow she's hot"
"oh she must be a satan"
by niggggggaaa November 09, 2014
what autocorrect thinks santa is
1: Yay Satan's coming for christmas!!!!
2: ??????
1: I meant Santa... Stupid autocorrect
by kathaka9 November 07, 2014

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