The accuser, the thief, the doubter. Satan's cause is to stop you at all cost from finding Jesus. He hates all humans and wants us to perish with him in hell. Jesus is our escape from hell, Satan knows this.
Satan can put thought into your mind, he can use temptation, but beware it is like candy covered faeces.
by Matthew October 09, 2003
He has been cast into hell by God, because he said that he wanted to be better than God.

He lives in some peoples hearts, and he is destroying there lives because he wants as many people in hell as possible.

Another word for Satan is 666, the anti-christ, and the devil

In the end times he will say that he is Jesus when he isnt.

Satan hates Jesus.
by XOXOXOXO baby April 06, 2009
A mythical being invented by religious extremists to scare uneducated louts into fattening their pockets.
Because he feared a being that did not exist, the Klansman gave money to Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.
by jj_frap October 11, 2003
The one who lives in Hell to torture the evil doers. *My nickname! I am Satan, so watch out!*
Me (Satan): Now, you evil fledlings, lets learn algabra..... *maniacle laughter*
by You_Worst_Nightmare April 27, 2006
the one and only true GOD.
satan is evrybodys friend
by zacharias May 07, 2005
1.The Angel Who created free will/He OFFRED the apple to Adam and eve and was sent to rule hell because of their Stupidity.
2.A symbol of free will and all thaat shit to satanists
3.The churches Besttt budddyyy
4.Who everyone at school thinks i am or thinks i worship
5.Who the fuck created rap.Die.
Church person from million years ago-"Hey lets make some fake entity up to scare people into paying us money for the service of telling us lies!It'll also let us murder all non-christians!YAY!"
Person From my school-"Do You Worship satan?"
by EatWAFFLES April 29, 2005
The god of homosexuals,politicians,lawyers,nambla etc.
Satan sucks!

by B0B February 20, 2005
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