another word for Cocaine
Hey, dealer, is Satan around?
by Jelly November 29, 2003
A wimp who doesn't rule over anything.
Hell is a place of Satan's torment,not something he's in control of or rules over.
by Dude,Satan is a little bitch. April 07, 2005
The reason the world is in such a shitty state yesterday,today and tomarrow.
Burn in hell Satan,you sick freak!
by Satan is nobody's friend. January 09, 2005
He has been cast into hell by God, because he said that he wanted to be better than God.

He lives in some peoples hearts, and he is destroying there lives because he wants as many people in hell as possible.

Another word for Satan is 666, the anti-christ, and the devil

In the end times he will say that he is Jesus when he isnt.

Satan hates Jesus.
by XOXOXOXO baby April 06, 2009
The adversary of God and human beings. Satan was once an angel named Lucifer, but he and one-third of the angels in heaven rebelled against God and were cast out of heaven. Satan disguised himelf as a serpent, tempting Adam and Eve, and plunging the world in sin. Satan's goal is to use human beings against God--by tempting us to sin against him. His problem is with God, but merely uses human beings as pawns against God. The good news is that Satan and his demons and the prinicipalities of darkness were defeated at Calvary thanks to the Cross of Jesus Christ and his redemptive plan for us. Redemption now gives human beings the choice to follow Satan and the corrupt flesh we have, or follow God and his ways.
The good news is that Satan is a defeated foe and will have his dimise at judement day when he is cast into the Lake of Fire with his followers, demons and the antichrist.
by krock1dk May 25, 2008
Your Best Friends Girl. Note: the "S" should be lowercase in order to preserve the honor system.
Damn, we never go bowling anymore because he is always hanging out with satan.
by thomas evan March 20, 2005
the christ puncher i.e. satan
the christ puncher rocks
by Pazzy Bee March 11, 2005

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