Mispelling of the word 'Shaitan'(Shaytan) from the Arabic for adversary. Also the Islamic version of Satan.

Was once know as Lucifer, ''The light of heaven'', in Christian dogma.
''He soon discerns, and weltring by his side
One next himself in power, and next in crime,
Long after known in Palestine, and nam'd
Beelzebub. To whom th' Arch-Enemy,
And thence in Heav'n call'd Satan, with bold words
Breaking the horrid silence thus began.''
-Paradise Lost, Book 1, line 79.
by Edward 'Arsenal' Thornton September 08, 2006
a menace.
hey since i'm satan imma go stick a fiery hot dildo into an innocent virgin.
by dodobird777 April 11, 2009
Satan. aka- Lucifer or Lucy for short. Yep, you heard me. Satan is a woman. I mean, come on. Who could create that much pain and suffering other than a woman? Did you honestly think a man would be ruling hell?
Satan is me. I am Satan. Get the picture?
by Stephanie C. November 20, 2006
a biblical entity of pure evil;

one of satanic nature;

a cheating male;

a woman;

people of peruvian descent; your

first ex;

a person who causes you harm;

one you hate
You're such a Satan. Tell that to my ex-wife. Haha
by A Black Man With a Pokemon April 04, 2011
1) Ruler of Hell
2) Stops Christians from leaving the faith
3) Threat used by all Christian leaders
1) When I visit Hell, I'm gonna get Satan's Autograph!
2) If you visit a muslim church Satan will get you!
3) See 2
4) That shiznik is so satan!
by snowe October 21, 2006
Such A Terrifically Anal Neighbor

The type of residential neighbor that occasionally makes small demands in a patronizing passive-aggressive tone that causes insigificant violations of his or her property seem like it should be your personal responsibility to prevent.
Would you mind telling your visitors not to park so close to my driveway? Thanks.

Bite me, Satan.
by T Hizzle May 02, 2005
A evil creature against God and all creation
Emily was wondering why she is being called satan
by alyssa baker July 08, 2010

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