the word 'satan' actually means enemy and was christianed to meaning devil as in the lord of devil in some sence as lucifer was the king of devils he got the named satan and was also called that in the bible actually the word satan is suppose to be used as a common word tho it ended up being religious this is quite sad for those who are impressed by the past language
you are my satan. Lucifer is the devil called satan.
by suck a * May 09, 2015
The only supernatural being you worship by not believing in him.
Person 1: Hey, sup with you?
Person 2: Not much, I fucked my girlfriend yesterday.
Person 1: You... what? Aren't you supposed to wait until marriage? By doing this you're praising Satan!
Person 2: No, I'm not. I don't even believe in Satan, dude.
Person 1: That's the point! He wants you to think like that, therefore you are worshipping him!

Person 2: Oh for fuck's sake...
by Xfing June 02, 2014
A worthless pile of crap, commonly called the devil, who is also the enemy of both Christian people and God and who has nothing better to do than to make life miserable for the billions of people who live all over the world.
Mike: Satan keeps harassing me.

Joe: I know. He's been doing that for thousands of years!
by funny fellas January 15, 2014
The supreme fallen angel from the courts above. Invisible, yet as real as the wind, and just as mysterious. The masses have NO idea how entrenched and clever this prince of darkness is. He is portrayed in a variety of ridiculous ways which bear no resemblance to his real character and mission. One day we will all see how deceived we were... but then it will be too late.
"I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightening."
by secondresurrection November 24, 2008
The evil child bringing stress and pain to claire's life. The youngest child in the family that is the parents favorite when she is undoubtedly annoying as fuck, and a monster.
"Hey your little sisters cute" "oh you mean satan"
by Whatsgoooodson August 20, 2011
The ovrlord of just about anything you can imagine. He will eat your babies and kick your children. So dont FUCK with Satan. Or I will eat your babies.
Satan is my best friend.<3
by Jerkasauris Rex. January 26, 2011
Jewish perversion of Pagan deities like Dagda (gaelic), Dionysos (greek), Shiva (hindu) and Enki (sumerian). Used as scapegoat and distraction for all the problems that the anti-life dogmas of Christianity/Islam cause. Even today stupid Americans believe, that he rules their government.
He is really the Lord of Water, Music and Knowledge/Enlightenment and nowhere near beeing evil or a threat to humanity.
Name stolen: Shiva-> Shai'tan-> Satan
Appearance stolen: Cernunnos
Trident stolen: Shiva, Neptune
by vislaetitia August 30, 2011
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