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another word for Cocaine
Hey, dealer, is Satan around?
by Jelly November 29, 2003
27 43
A nonexistent figure created based off of older, pagan religious symbols for the purpose of scaring young impressionable children into believing in god... another nonexistent character ALSO based on earlier, PAGAN religious symbols and beliefs.

Come on people don't be airheads.
Satan isn't real and neither is Jesus.
by Styxhexenhammer November 29, 2009
37 30
1. an Judeo-Christian invention to scare little kids and non-christians into believing in their fairy tale book called "The Holy Bible".

2. see Britney Spears and/or George W. Bush
"Satan = George W. Bush"
by like i'm gonna tell January 11, 2009
24 20
A figure created by the Jewish, Christian, and Islamic religions (and their sects) to represent 'evil,' respresenting such ideas as selfishness, hubris, hedonism, free thought, and malice.

Every person has a bit of Satan in them. While these religion represent the death of Satan, it would only be more natural to balance the idea within you, rather than reject one totally.
A real religion would worship God and Satan together as two different aspects of the same whole.
by Steve Bennett June 04, 2005
71 67
Satan was/is:
- Adolf Hitler
- Josef Stalin
- Heinrich Himmler
- Adolf Eichmann
- Saddam Hussain
- Joseph Mengele
- Pol Pot
- Osama Bin Laden
- Charles Manson
- Idi Amin
- Benito Mussolini
Satan are more persons. See the above.
by Matthijs B May 15, 2005
17 13
Patron saint of lawyers, irs agents, politicians, televangelists, and diet soda.
by olstar18 July 06, 2011
6 3
commonly thought of as a evil male with horns, but in truth is a beautiful young girl. She is underage and favorite pass time is to seduce older guys. Another name for Satan is Lynessa, which is the original swedish translation.
*guy looks at girl walking buy*
friend : "dont look at her, she's a satan"
by A Friend In Need June 02, 2009
16 13
My dad...
no more need be said about satan...
by tdeuce93 January 09, 2011
7 5