An all-powerful evil being residing in Hell and keeping lost souls. Known to have a great deal of lawyers...most of them belong there.
Ms. Downing is satan.
by Qweeshy May 13, 2004
The god damn motha fuckin thing living in the god forsaken motha fuckin woods behind Ben's motha fucking god damn house that makes horrible god damn noises that makes you wanna slit your throat while chsing you through the woods.
*Complete silence the entire time*
*Ben stops*
Ben-"This would be the perfect time to summon Satan. Middle of the night and complete silence."
*Continue walking*
Drew-"Yea, and to do your contract with Satan for your soul."
Drew-"And to do your contract with Satan for your soul."
*Tree branches break and leaves rustle close by*
Drew-"What the fuck is that?"
*The most horrible, demonic, thrashing noise you can possible imagine*
*Searching the area with the flashlights for the source of this horrible sound which we cannot see...*
Drew-"Oh what the fucking hell..."
Ben-"Holy shit."
*Start running through the trees and bramble getting cut up but not caring*
*Get back inside*
Drew-"What the fuck what that?!"
Ben-"I have no fucking clue!"
by I LOVE SATAN Drew and Ben April 24, 2005
A boy named Jimmy. He is extremely dumb. The end.
Satan just asked me what AFI is. Ugh I fucking hate him.
by Nina Boobz July 19, 2006
Satan is like the oposite of God.
Satan- Supposedly lives under the earths crust and is "evil", according to Christians.
God- Supposedly lives in heave in the sky and is "evil" and "homosexual" to Satan lovers.
by *~**~* May 31, 2006
the person that pisses you off the most and most often.
my sister is satan...

i am satan
by drak March 16, 2005
Fallen angel who temps you with the better things in life without work. He is the enemy of the christian religion and is the biggest scapegoat in the history of time. Several of the flaws in the christian religion are blamed on Satan, and that the fact he has several names is a lie. Satan is ONLY satan, not lucifer, beelzebub, or baphomet.
Christianity is kept alive by the fear of hell and Satan.
by Nik D May 26, 2005
1.The Dark overlord of a nasty place called hell.
2.Saddam's special 'freind' on the popular cartoon South Park.
3.Also known as: Beelzebub, The Devil, Lucipher, and my personal faveourite 'Lord of the flies.'
Im sure Satan isn't that bad once you get to know him.
by Citezen:Erased April 01, 2005
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