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The terribly painful burning sensation one's anus has after eating extremely spicy and/or poorly prepared foods and trying to crap it out. It literally feels like Satan himself is poking his head out of your ass and ferociously licking your anal cavity. There are individuals who actually enjoy the burning feeling that comes after the SRJ.
Jack: Dude. I don't feel so good.
Dj: What's wrong, man?
Jack: I had some Taco Bell awhile ago. I think I feel an SRJ coming.
Dj: Oh shit. I'm sorry dude. Satan's rimjob's fucking suck.
Jack: Dude, I love SRJ's. It feel so good afterwards.
Dj: ...That's fucked up man.
by Gregorio Kramer June 10, 2010
A very hot and painful burning sensation you feel in and around your anus, usually resulting from consumption of spicy foods. The feeling could be described as Satan himself giving you a rim-job (licking and or tounging of the asshole.)
Ricardo swallowed a whole habanero pepper and the next morning received Satan's rim-job

I splashed toilet water on my asshole because the burning of Satan's rim-job was too intense.
by MunchiesWorld June 08, 2009
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