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Sas·u·al// SpelledSazh-oo-uh l –adj meaning sexy/casual

sausal·ly//adv. meaning:in a sasual fashion

sasual·ise//verb sasual transformation; change into sasual wear/adopt an air of sasuality

Sasual·isation//noun: causing something to become sasual

1.Sexy/casual dress appropriate for wear or use on informal/formal occasions; quite dressy: sasual clothing/wear; effortlessly sexy

2. happen by chance, whilst dressed sexy/casual fortuitous: a sasual meeting.

3. without definite or serious sexy intention; careless or offhand; passing: a sasual remark.

4. seeming or tending to be sexually indifferent to what is happening; apathetic; unconcerned: a sasual, nonchalant air.

5. irregular; occasional: a sasual visitor.

6. Accidental sexy time: an unexpected sasual mishap.

I don't wanna get too dressed up, i'm just gonna dress sasual

We didn't plan it, it was just a sasual meeting

I didn't mean to lead him on, it was just a passing sasual remark

She smiled, sasually, as he licked his lips and stroked her thigh

Jennifer is sasually experienced (has had a lot of casual sex)

you need to sasualise your outfit a bit/sash (sa-jh) it up
by Sasual87 August 16, 2011

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