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Sassy attitude towards others
"you bitch, don't give me that sassitude"
by Mallory&Tim October 14, 2008
15 19

an attitude marked by excessive sass
True to her sassitude, she dismissively told the patron he was wrong.
by Rebecca Lane November 09, 2006
239 67
A person with a sassy attitude
Person A: What you talkin about Willis?
Person B: Dont give me that attitude, you're being such a sassitude.
by rockchalker September 25, 2010
5 3
A personality trait in which a person is able to be sassy and have attitude at the same time.
"Wow! you're sassy AND you have attitude!"

"Watch out world, I have sassitude!"
by Megargaret December 07, 2011
2 2
Attitude + Sass.

Being sassy to achieve a certain attitude.

Typically black girls with curvy rumps.
Black girl: "Oh no you di'nt! *wave finger*"

White guy: "Man, that bitch got sassitude."
by BoatsN'hoes May 06, 2009
11 14