The plural of microwave
We are going to heat up enough Super Noodles for sixty people in the sasquitch.
by Hannah Thompson November 02, 2006
Top Definition
A female sasquatch. Usually found wandering the Pacific northwest. Sometimes encountered with a male Sasquatch. Together they would be known as a SASQUATCH and his SQUITCH or his SQUITCHES.
They are known to travel in packs. Protecting their offspring. Known as SQUATCHLINGS. The squatchlings lose their baby feet while young. The sasquitch protects them while their BIGFOOT grows in. Common knowledge in WA..
DUDE CHECK IT OUT! It's a Sasquatch!...
NO! It's got tits.. It's a SASQUITCH. DUH! Lookout, she might have some Squatchlings around.
Did you see that Sasquatch? He had 2 SQUITCHES with him.. HIGH 5!
by Lance Bigfoot September 27, 2005
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