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a very bitchy red headed, pale skinned, freckled bitch. very very ugly.
wow look at sasha, shes a ugly bitch!
by pimpin nasty June 09, 2011
22 54
Someone who is to scared to read urban dictionary definitions.
Person 1: " Did you hear about Lindsay?'
Person 2: " What does she do?"
Person 1: " She acts like a complete "Sasha" and doesn't read urban dictionary definitions."
by Lovely Filth April 16, 2011
15 50
that gurl who has unususaly large boobs, spidery long legs and evry guy want to date, yet has no chance. Shes not a slut, but will kick ur butt, shell flirt with you and tie your shoe, and while shes down there she'll do somthing else too... shes one sexaii moma so dont mess with her. or you'll be burned by her heat up to your feet!!!
Jon: omg did u hear what sasha did to me the other day?
George: ouh yah was it nice??
Jon: ohh my god it was deliciouse!!
George: maybe next time we shud had a three sum??
Jon: ohh yahhh
by A friend87 March 30, 2010
29 81
a word used to descirbe someone silly.
You know that girl Cara? She's so Sasha.
by CONYERS JAY January 17, 2008
124 178
a really hot russian guy who plays soccer and guitar
oh my gosh that guy is soo sasha.. wow
by hairsprayqueen November 02, 2007
115 171
"Sasha" is generally used to describe some one with monkey like features (such as big ears) and tends to be a little bitch about everything.
Sasha: HEY GUYS! whats crackin mains?!

People: Sasha go home, your white and gay.
by Harold Smithsonian August 15, 2008
105 214
A turd that clogs your toilet.
Damn I just Sashaed the toilet. Its overflowing everywhere.
by Jordan Stone November 05, 2007
127 290