A beautiful girl with the most incredible hazel eyes who is cool and popular yet she isn't big headed. She is cute, sexy, passionate, confident and shy all at the same time. She finds it hard to open up to people, but once she does, she is even more incredible. She has an amazing taste in music and style (usually indie). The sort of girl who you stare at as she walks past - and you just can't forget about her.
Person 1 "Woah, there's Sasha..."
Person 2 "Damn she's hot..."

Person 1 "Shit - who's that guy with Sasha??"
Person 2 "Lucky bastard"
by rawerrr July 28, 2010
Someone who has no etiquette and can only communicate via shouting. Their vision is skewed and biased and they seem to think they are above all. This type of person may be found in many different communities but tends to exist within the Malyalam ethnic group. It would be advisable to avoid "Sashas" for they could easily wreak havoc within your previously stable and calm life.
"That person is such a sasha! Watch out!"
person 1- "What's happened to you all of a sudden? Why are you so depressed?"
person 2- "I came across a Sasha"
person 1- "Shit."
by theinnocentkid June 07, 2013
A girl who enjoys giving and receiving golden showers.
Ew, that dog just peed on me!" "Haha, you just got Sasha'd!
by Abby.J July 09, 2011
The name for the DJ born Alexander Coe. He is probably most famous for his collaborations with John Digweed, resulting in one of the most famous mix albums of all time, The Renaissance Mix Collection, as well as other famous compilations, such as the Northern Exposure series. Starting around 2002, Sasha began working more on his own, releasing the album Airdrawndagger and later Involver and Fundacion. His music can be loosely defined as house, though like most innovative artists, escapes classification in one genre. It is interesting to note that in 2005 he began using the software Ableton Live, switching his live shows completely over to the digital side.
Sasha's closing party at Fundacion was amazing, wasn't it?
by h--- July 14, 2006
Someone who is to scared to read urban dictionary definitions.
Person 1: " Did you hear about Lindsay?'
Person 2: " What does she do?"
Person 1: " She acts like a complete "Sasha" and doesn't read urban dictionary definitions."
by Lovely Filth April 16, 2011
a really hot russian guy who plays soccer and guitar
oh my gosh that guy is soo sasha.. wow
by hairsprayqueen November 02, 2007
a very bitchy red headed, pale skinned, freckled bitch. very very ugly.
wow look at sasha, shes a ugly bitch!
by pimpin nasty June 09, 2011
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