A beautiful girl with the most incredible hazel eyes who is cool and popular yet she isn't big headed. She is cute, sexy, passionate, confident and shy all at the same time. She finds it hard to open up to people, but once she does, she is even more incredible. She has an amazing taste in music and style (usually indie). The sort of girl who you stare at as she walks past - and you just can't forget about her.
Person 1 "Woah, there's Sasha..."
Person 2 "Damn she's hot..."

Person 1 "Shit - who's that guy with Sasha??"
Person 2 "Lucky bastard"
by rawerrr July 28, 2010
Sasha is a free spirit. She's the girl one could easily fall in love with if not careful. She has one crazy, defining feature that everyone knows her by. She's the nicest person you'll ever meet Sasha never gets mad unless she has a reason. She always remembers that everyone has a story and everyone has gone through something that has changed them. Sasha is a dreamer, she's Passionate and fierce and never gives up. She's is social a social butterfly, however she keeps her secrets hidden away and tries to focus on happiness, she won't bring them up unless you ask. She's the girl who goes above and beyond for people, even when they do nothing in return, however, she doesn't chase love, affection, or attention, she knows if it's not given freely by another person it is not worth having. She loves making people feel happy and she'll love you for who you are but she tries not to fall in love, she'll distance herself from someone if she finds herself in such a predicament, if you have a Sasha hold on to her and if she falls in love don't let her slip away. She loves to dance although you'll rarely see her do so, her Hippie way of life is inspiring and encouraging. There isn't someone more passionate about life than Sasha.
Person1: What should we do today?
Person 2: Lets lay in the grass and count every beautiful thing we see.
Person 1: You're such a Sasha.
by InDetail June 01, 2014
Sasha is the cutest girl ever. She is a walking talking goddess. She has very big eyes, a nice ass, but small boobs. She gets hyper at times, and loud but shy at the same time. She isnt afraid to speak up for herself and get into a fight. Not physically though, she is very unathletic, But GREAT IN BED! She bends and twists ways you cant imagine.
by HelloHotty November 07, 2012
one who has soft skin (in Russian)
1. Ooooo damn, her legs are so soft. She's a sasha for sure.

2. I have to shave tonight. I have a hot date and I hear he likes sashas.
by MazzyStar March 03, 2012
to call a customer service rep and be extremely rude.
I was a total Sasha while was on the phone with Comcast - its not my fault they dont speak english
by shortstack84 August 27, 2014
to like mooses more than any other animal
girl1: MOOSE!!!
girl2: oh you love mooses?
girl1: yeah more than i like FROGS!
girl2: your a SASHA then!
by biebersbiatch August 21, 2011
Someone who has no etiquette and can only communicate via shouting. Their vision is skewed and biased and they seem to think they are above all. This type of person may be found in many different communities but tends to exist within the Malyalam ethnic group. It would be advisable to avoid "Sashas" for they could easily wreak havoc within your previously stable and calm life.
"That person is such a sasha! Watch out!"
person 1- "What's happened to you all of a sudden? Why are you so depressed?"
person 2- "I came across a Sasha"
person 1- "Shit."
by theinnocentkid June 07, 2013
A girl who enjoys giving and receiving golden showers.
Ew, that dog just peed on me!" "Haha, you just got Sasha'd!
by Abby.J July 09, 2011

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