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A beautiful girl with the most incredible hazel eyes who is cool and popular yet she isn't big headed. She is cute, sexy, passionate, confident and shy all at the same time. She finds it hard to open up to people, but once she does, she is even more incredible. She has an amazing taste in music and style (usually indie). The sort of girl who you stare at as she walks past - and you just can't forget about her.
Person 1 "Woah, there's Sasha..."
Person 2 "Damn she's hot..."

Person 1 "Shit - who's that guy with Sasha??"
Person 2 "Lucky bastard"
by rawerrr July 28, 2010
218 128
She is absolutely gorgeous, has an amazing personality and an unbelievably great taste in music. She's blessed with the voice of an angel and is one of the most honest and loyal people alive.

All the guys long to call her their's and all the girls long to be her.
Person 1- "That Sasha girl is breath taking."
Person 2- "I know right, I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw her!"
by TROIBB December 20, 2010
119 80
shes the most beautiful person in the world and shes the love of my life :) nothing more can explain her. shes just amazing
by sasha<33333333333333333333 September 21, 2010
130 99
Sasha is an adjective used to describe something that is awe-inspiring or imposing.

When utilizing the term "sasha," one must place "so" in front of the preceding adjective AT ALL TIMES as to add perma emphasis to the phrase, thus making it more fierce and having a greater effect. Upon using it for the first time in the surroundings of other people, it must be presented as "That's so sasha, as in fierce," to give the audience a self-explanatory definition of the word.

Official hashtag: #sashaeffect
That outfit is so sasha.

You look so sasha today, as in fierce.
by apelle92 January 22, 2014
10 -3
A very quiet and shy girl until you really get to know her. She's fun to be around when your sad. She's the type of person to try to help you as much as she can. She is the funniest girl to be with. When in relationships she takes it seriously. She is always there to listen when you need to complain. She's kind and sweet as long as your not on her bad side. If you ever meet a Sasha hold on to her and treat her right. Cause it could be awhile before you meet someone like her again.
"I really wish I was like Sasha"
by here to say the truth December 30, 2013
9 -3
The action of jay-walking and as a result getting hit by a moving vehicle
Bob: Omg what happened to your leg?
Gurdeep: Oh man I pulled a Sasha yesterday; I ran across the street on a red and ricosheted off a 4-by-4
Bob: Oooo, tough times
by calderon1717 February 28, 2010
103 94
Somebody who is shy at first, but opens up once you get to know her. Short with gorgeous eyes and pretty hair, she doesn't realise how cute she actually is, and doesn't feel confident about herself. She doesn't realise how many guys drool over her at school. She's got a loving family and wonderful friends. She is clever and funny and generally obsesses - she's part of numerous fandoms, though will deny it if ever confronted about it. Quirky and unpredictable, she is a laugh to be around, though she needs someone at her side to help her through the worst times. With a dazzling smile, she'd woo her celebrity crushes (whose names we will not state for fear of dying of embarrassement) within seconds. Sure to go far in life.
"They are soooo hot" exclamied Sasha!
by georgie.porgy May 03, 2013
13 8
Sasha is the cutest girl ever. She is a walking talking goddess. She has very big eyes, a nice ass, but small boobs. She gets hyper at times, and loud but shy at the same time. She isnt afraid to speak up for herself and get into a fight. Not physically though, she is very unathletic, But GREAT IN BED! She bends and twists ways you cant imagine.
by HelloHotty November 07, 2012
20 17