The island where one of king Arthur's men found the holy grail.

Also the name of an teenage octopus enthusiast.

An exclamation of anger.
"im sorry jimmy but you failed your math test".

by Sh4d0wm0r3 October 31, 2010
Top Definition
the coolest prefect ever.
"Don't Cha wish your prefect was cool like Sarra?"

"Emily, Why can't you be more like Sarra?"

"I want a Sarra for Christmas!"
by dumpring December 06, 2009
big boobs, big bitch.
often complains about her appearance
but really has nothing to complain about.
"stop being such a sarra"
"oh man she was being such a sarra today, i was going insane"
by kleenexbox August 29, 2008

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