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The location where bounty hunter Boba Fett was thrown and possibly devoured, but this is up for debate. Another fun reference for the Sarlaac Pit is for a female's colossal vagina, and/or an obvious trap.
"Watch out, that girl is a Sarlaac Pit!"

"I tried dating a spenjamin once, he was a total sarlacc pit though. :( "
by Seduce and Destroy July 12, 2008
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A really big vagina.
Dude, that chick had a sarlaac pit!
by unknown342 November 06, 2007
An large, scary and/or otherwise undesirable vagina, not unlike vagina dentata
I didn't think she was that bad until I was facing the Sarlaac Pit.
by Mr. James Duffy September 03, 2014

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