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Sarinia's are always kind, gentle, funny, loving, sincere, loyal people. They are often quiet but confident as children, always content, amuse themselves and everyone around them. Always game for an adventure.

As Sarinia's grow up, they are no longer quiet but outgoing, entertaining, hilarious, gorgeous women who stand out in any crowd without having to try. Men slobber all over them, women are jealous of them, but you can't help loving her anyway because Sarinia's are magical. Loved by all but belong to one. Sarinia's loyalty is unwavering. If you get to be a friend of a Sarinia you have a best friend for life.
{Biutiful}{Kind}{Funny}{Peaceful}{Creative}{Inventive}{Loving}{Confident}{No drama}{Hawaii}{Venice}{Intelligent}{Friend}{Daughter}{Sister}{Extraordinary}{Pimp}{Playful}{Easy Going}{Mud}{Rain}{Jungle}{beach}{Sarinia}{Sar}
by Azures Reef February 11, 2012
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