I love a Sarina. She's so down to Earth and kind. When she drinks pop you better watch out because shes going to be bouncing off the walls! Don't ever lose a Sarina because she might not come back. I love having a Sarina. Brown eyed beauty!!!! Usually a cheerleader at MWX. So yeah, I love you Sarina and hope all the MWX family sees it too!!!!!
Shes an awesome tumbler, I bet shes a Sarina!
by ninjawarrior17 August 29, 2011
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wow that girl is really hot! 2nd person: yeah, she can be my Sarina
by Alan Kimsey July 24, 2008
wow that girl is really hot! 2nd person: yea she can be my Sarina
by Tyshawn Princeton July 24, 2008
A very cute and especially bubbly girl. A lot of her friends don't know her great talent and passion. She is mostly shy and has only told one person about a great, sad and life-changing moment in her life. Often thinks of herself as worse than others but doesn't show it. Sarina doesn't know how amazing she actually is and that her "life-changing moment" should be told as it will help like it helped me.
Friend: Hey what is Sarina's biggest secret? You must tell someone here before you leave the school!
Me: Nah, Sarina would never tell my biggest secret so I won't tell hers. Sorry!
by Skate105 January 09, 2014
Too beautiful, smart, funny and hot mentally and physically for the internet.
Omg Sarina is such a beautiful, smart, cute, funny, sweet, bubbly, nice, grateful, talented, open-minded .............. ERROR INTERNET IMPLODED
by McDonunicorns December 02, 2014
A hot, sexy girl who thinks very highly of herself, at times. She usually has a very low self esteem. Many people find her annoying. She is very coquettish, and will do anything for a hot guy.
Sarina is so hot! i want her!
by Christina Yorkvandera February 09, 2009
the type of girl to steal your man when you be in vacation in morocco or some far place then denies it, a thottie. generally has bad teeth and a large chin.
matti: damn i cant believe i cheated with a sarina, the thotties teeth kept fucking me up. shoulda stayed loyal. jesus with never repent me.
by clutch2thetop January 12, 2015

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