this is the better way to spell sar:ah not with h on the end or no h at all one right before the a go figure. A mother was creating the most efficient way to spell sarha in 1983. so down with you all who always spell it wrong. A Sarha like this is fierce she can woop your daddys ass and she has the largest boobs. there will never be a day that her boobs are not mentioned in regular conversation
person 1: Sarha is so strong she wooped my daddys ass last night.

person 2:omg is that the one spelled with an h on the end.

person 1:NO foo she has a h before the a if she new you said that she would woop your daddys ass.

person 2: her momma was so cool when she spelt it that way

person 1:Yeah and she has big boobs.
by norma jean par deux February 04, 2010
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Sarha is one great person, many people love Sarha. Sarha's are so beautiful, and they are geniuses.
Boy: She's so beautiful and smart, omg!
Girl: She is a Sarha, duh.
by vansbby March 18, 2011

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