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If sex was turned into a type of food and sprinkled with god then a sarbeni is what you would get. Quite possibly the finest thing to come from Turkey. Basically its a piece of (holy) pita bread filled with either "chicken and cheese" or "Pepperoni" or the filling of your choice. The special sauce is also a must. The finest example of a sarbeni is available at the "Best Kebab" shop in Glasgow.
I ate a sarbeni and ejaculated cause it was so good.
by David "Sarbeni" MacDonald January 13, 2004
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A quality piece of food, similar to a kebeb, which is consumed after drunken nights out. It comes in various types but is most famous for 'chicken n cheese'.
A customer in the sarbeni shop might say, "a chicken n cheese sarbeni with sauce, and a can of irn bru please"

All for only £3.50 (cheesered!)
by Marc Eadie September 09, 2003
A splendid piece of Turkish Fare best enjoyed just after lager - or possibly for lunch the day after lots of lager.
Cheese & Pepperoni - Crikey, how yummy was that...
by Tigpup February 03, 2005

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