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The most beautiful and sweet thing on the face of the universe. She has gorgeous eyes and her body is to die for. She is faithful to God and is incredibly popular in a really good way. Saraya would never do anything to hurt anyone. She is an amazing athlete and singer. Sarayas are normally very girly and love stylish fashion things. She deserves everything posh and luxe. A Saraya would also do anything for love and is the best kisser around, gorgeous smile.

Sarayas know who her real friends are.
Look at that gorgeous little princess over there!
I want that Saraya!

Sorry, dude, she's going out with the most popular boy in the school that everyone wants.

Damn, he's lucky!
by tylerbeck August 26, 2011
A person who marvels at the world around them like a toddler in a chocolate factory. They're so easy to please that to them even boredom is a complete hoot.
"She's a total Saraya, so I think I'll just write "I love you" on a post-it note for her anniversary present."
by Monkey Knuckles February 11, 2010
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