"In the Sarasota area, you can enjoy the breathtaking sunsets, educational museums, operas, ballets, plays, golf tournaments, and boat races. " States Sarasota.com.


Sarasota: noun

hell,shithole,nothing of perticular interest, mid-western city located in Florida.

I suppose that your opinion of this "wonderous city" mostly depends on your age.
If you are in your mid-fiftys, and have well over a hundred grand in your account, you will do fine.You'll probably enjoy your stay, conversate with the tourists, and laugh behind their backs when they go back to their cottages buried in snow.

I'm personally not too fond of it. I enjoy an occasional seasonal change, and the sun DOES get old. Who ever said it has some of the most beautiful women was mostlikely making crystal meth in their laundry room. The attractions are not that great, or even much to look at. "Saint Armands Circle" is completely full of shit. The "unique" shops aren't anything you have haven't seen before, and it is much too time consuming to even bother going.

"Tommy Bahahma" is all you'll find.

God I love Sarasota.
person #1:"Mike and myself went to Sarasota over spring break."

person #2:"Excuse me while I go hang myself."
by bad_actors__ March 30, 2006
Sarasota is both a city and county in Florida. The city is well known for its high suicide rate. The county is unheard of. Sarasota's main export is talentless hacks. It imports tourists and fat people. When traveling in Sarasota, visiting the many tourist attractions, such as the beach and large assortment of retirement homes is encouraged. When residing in Sarasota, large doses of meth-amphetamine or knife stabs to one's own face should be administered in a healthy dosage.
Because Jim resides in Sarasota, he is doomed. He may as well get high. He's a failure anyway.
by Dan00 July 23, 2008

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